The laboratory has two document examiners who primarily undertake privately funded casework. Reports are prepared for a variety of courts, both Civil and Criminal in the UK and abroad. On occasions, Ellen Radley also undertakes Legally Aided matters, caseload permitting.

We routinely receive instructions to act a Single Joint Expert and are fully aware of the obligations and requirements under Part 35 of the CPR.

We also assess reports of other experts, commenting, supplementing and, if necessary, criticising the same so that instructing clients can fully appreciate the significance of the evidence presented.

Areas of examination include:

  • Signature examination to determine authenticity
  • Handwriting identification
  • Identification of ESDA impressions (electrostatic or indented writing impressions on documents from other documents)
  • Sequence determination of writing/impressions
  • Non destructive differentiation of inks
  • Printing/typewriting comparisons to determine common sources
  • Determination of common sources of photocopies
  • Identification of alterations, page substitution etc
  • Deciphering of erasures and obliterations
  • Determination of sequence of writings
  • Dating of documents
  • Paper examination

What We Offer

We offer a free of charge:

  • Estimate of likely costs 
  • Initial brief discussion of the case with potential instructing solicitors over the telephone
  • Outline of other potential examinations that may be available to extract the maximum evidence from the documents available

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For a number of practical and ethical reasons, instruction is not taken from private individuals, only from members of the legal profession, law enforcement agencies, banks, companies etc

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