Document Manipulation

(Alterations, Erasures and Obliterations)

Genuine documents are frequently altered to change their financial value or date whilst often paragraphs are inserted into an existing text, pages substituted in contracts or agreements, etc.

Entries may be erased or obliterated with a heavy covering of ink which is impenetrable to the naked eye. However, there are a variety of techniques that can be applied which may reveal the truth of the matter.

Casework which involves these types of investigations can often be resolved by use of:

  • High power microscopy
  • Non destructive ink analysis utilising infrared luminescence/reflectance
  • Ultraviolet reflectance examination
  • ESDA examination
  • Transmitted light examination
  • In cases where typed/printed entries are thought to be added, grid analysis of the typing, font comparison and spacing can also be employed.
  • Staple/punch hole examination in cases of page substitution which may involve paper examination, type font analysis etc.

Results are generally illustrated in photographic form to supplement any report comments on such entries.

What We Offer

We offer a free of charge:

  • Estimate of likely costs 
  • Initial brief discussion of the case with potential instructing solicitors over the telephone
  • Outline of other potential examinations that may be available to extract the maximum evidence from the documents available

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