Are opinions on handwriting and signature examination acceptable in the


What is the examination likely to cost?


How long is the turnaround time for a report?


Do we need original documents for examination?


What do I need to submit by way of comparison documents?


With signature cases, are specimen signatures taken specifically for the
examination suitable?


With signature cases, how many comparison signatures are needed?


Can you always say positively whether a signature is genuine/forged?


Will the examination stop the other side’s expert from examining the document in the same way?


Can the expert have a quick look at the document to give an indication verbally if it is worth pursuing the matter?


Can you carbon date a document or the ink on it?


Does the Practice keep up to date with modern trends and research?


What We Offer

We offer a free of charge:

  • Estimate of likely costs 
  • Initial brief discussion of the case with potential instructing solicitors over the telephone
  • Outline of other potential examinations that may be available to extract the maximum evidence from the documents available

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For a number of practical and ethical reasons, instruction is not taken from private individuals, only from members of the legal profession, law enforcement agencies, banks, companies etc

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