Obtaining A Quote

Initial Contact

For a number of practical and ethical reasons, instruction is not taken from private individuals, only from members of the legal profession, law enforcement agencies, banks, companies etc.

We are prepared to initially discuss requirements with clients directly but for the matter to proceed with us, formal instruction has to be via the clients’ solicitors.

We offer an initial free of charge phone discussion on matters and estimation of costs.

What We Need to Prepare an Estimate

  • Sight of copies of the questioned documents and, if possible, some comparisons 
  • Clear identification of the issues concerned i.e. signature authenticity, dating of the document, alteration of the text etc 
  • Brief information as to the history of the issue, for example details of the alleged production of the document, circumstances of signing etc.  So as to avoid any suggestion of cognitive bias, we do not require extensive information on the case nor do we require the pleadings

With any estimate of costs, we indicate what comparison documents may be required and what further information (details of the state of health of a writer etc) may be desirable.

Original documents are requested for examination as these will contain a considerable volume of evidence not available on copies. Photocopies can, on occasions, be of some value.

Often, those holding original documents are reluctant to part with the same even for forensic examination.  With over 37 years of experience of obtaining originals from various parties and organisations, advice can be given as to how best to obtain originals from other parties.

Undertakings for the safekeeping, preservation and return of documents are regularly prepared.

Report Preparation Deadlines and Turnaround Time

A prime objective of the Practice is to assist those instructing within their required timescale.  Our current estimated turnaround time for any case will be given at the outset.

If practicable, we can expedite examinations, if reports are required as a matter of urgency.

Instruction, Handling and Dispatch of Documents

We require from you:`

  • A formal letter of instruction setting out the issue in question and identification of the documents concerned 
  • A timetable for preparation of the report
  • Written agreement of our Terms of Business and the applicable fee structure
  • A chronological schedule of all documentation submitted to the laboratory

On arrival at the laboratory, documents are checked and booked in and, when not in use, are held in a fireproof safe. The laboratory is routinely entrusted to hold documents individually worth millions and, occasionally, billions of pounds.

Documents are returned by the preferred mode of transport as indicated by instructing clients.

The premises are fully alarmed.

What We Offer

We offer a free of charge:

  • Estimate of likely costs 
  • Initial brief discussion of the case with potential instructing solicitors over the telephone
  • Outline of other potential examinations that may be available to extract the maximum evidence from the documents available

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